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The Green Gold of Africa – Castor Bean

Africa points to a rapid rise in biodegradable products. Here, castor oil is considered a miracle cure. GrowExpress Ltd. focuses on the cultivation of castor trees, thus ensuring a successful future for small farmers in Africa.

26. Mai 2021 Forschung / Wissenschaft

The beginnings of European African studies

Heinrich Barth undertook a lengthy journey through Africa to educate the world about the continent’s fascination. How GrowExpress, with its concept of block farming, is achieving agricultural success in Nigeria and providing a future for local smallholder farmers.

18. Mai 2021 Forschung / Wissenschaft

Basic right to employment and affordable basic food in Africa

Together with private organizations and government frameworks, GrowExpress Ltd. can help single mothers and youth get on their feet. Continuing education in the agricultural field plays a major role.

14. Mai 2021 Forschung / Wissenschaft

Cassava – staple food for 1 billion people worldwide

Cassava is among the world’s most important crops. GrowExpress Ltd. relies on the miracle tuber cassava in its model farm. From seed to harvest is a long way, as we all know, but cassava feeds the world. An article by Moritz Bausch with the CEO of GrowExpress Ltd.

4. Mai 2021 Allgemein

Urbanization or the way back: from city to countryside

The Causes of Urbanization in Africa – How to Stop the Rural Exodus? One goal is to strengthen the agricultural structures and thus counteract the rural exodus. GrowExpress Ltd. pursues this goal. GrowExpress cultivates an estate of 800 hectares about 200 km north of the metropolis of Lagos through additional funding and knowledge transfer.

3. März 2021 Allgemein

GrowExpress Ltd. takes over state property in Nigeria

GrowExpress Ltd. relies on each other and not against each other. As part of an award procedure, the GrowExpress Group is allowed to take over the management of a large vacant state property in the fertile plains of the OYO National Park. What are the goals of the GrowExpress group?

15. Februar 2021 Allgemein