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Creativity development: Education for sustainable development

Recreation and living by the sea should be done considering sustainability, biodiversity, ecological framework with a view to the whole. How can rethinking be taught and learned. How the „Blue Classroom“ teach sustainable learning directly in nature and from nature?

13. Mai 2021 Allgemein

Biodegradable plastic from cassava

Waste reduction is in the global trend and is also followed at GrowExpress Ltd. from the beginning. The model farm in Nigeria focuses on sustainability and takes environmental protection very seriously. In conversation with Thomas Wegener, CEO of GrowExpress Ltd.

7. Mai 2021 Forschung / Wissenschaft

GrowExpress Ltd. takes over state property in Nigeria

GrowExpress Ltd. relies on each other and not against each other. As part of an award procedure, the GrowExpress Group is allowed to take over the management of a large vacant state property in the fertile plains of the OYO National Park. What are the goals of the GrowExpress group?

15. Februar 2021 Allgemein